Can Electronic Cigarettes Help?


Can Electronic Cigarettes Help?Most people find that it can be pretty hard to quit smoking. This is not because they lack a certain character trait, such as nerves of steel or an iron will, but because it really is hard to get over the habit of smoking, and the addiction to nicotine.

The fact is that it’s easier to get over the nicotine addiction than it is to get over the habit of lighting up a cigarette. This is because we have associated smoking a cigarette with most of the activities in our lives, and this means that whenever we’re doing something, the thought of having a smoke pops into our mind.

There isn’t all that much we can do about it as our brains work through association, and once we learn how to do something, that is to say once we get accustomed to doing something in a certain way, in order to do things differently we basically need to relearn how to do that certain thing. [adsenseyu1]

The main reason for wanting to quit smoking is that smoking tobacco really is detrimental to our health. While the effects that the nicotine has in small doses are generally positive, the effects of the other four thousand substances that are also inhaled when smoking are devastating for the body.

We all know that smoking doesn’t just affect our respiratory system, it also effects the circulatory system, the immune system, the musculoskeletal system, and the sexual organs. As there is nothing more frightening than dying because our lungs are no longer able to get oxygen into the blood, wanting to quit smoking is not only logical but also a moral imperative.

Most people that have tried to quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes have found that it isn’t actually easier than through using nicotine gum or nicotine pills. There are several reasons behind this and the most important one is that we expect the electronic cigarette to perform similarly to a regular cigarette, to have the same taste or throat hit.


Thinking that we can easily go from smoking a regular cigarette to smoking an electronic cigarette is the biggest mistake we can make. There is a very big difference between the two, mainly that the normal cigarette produces smoke while the electronic cigarette produces vapor. The taste and the smoking experience will be completely different, and if we are serious about quitting smoking with the use of an electronic cigarette, then we should be prepared for the change.

The second reason why people have had trouble with electronic cigarettes is that, being a product that was recently released on the market, getting the hang of using it can be pretty hard. Not to mention the fact that we need to do some serious research before finding something that will work for us as various types of cigarettes and various types of cigarette liquid produce various amounts of vapor and have different tastes and feels. You should read .

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