Goat simulator game – the most popular fun simulator of the moment


Goat simulator game - the most popular fun simulator of the momentGoat Game Simulator is a new simulation video game in third person from Coffee Stain production, becoming a best seller in just a few weeks after launch.

It is based on Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine and currently available only on PCs running Microsoft Windows and will be available soon for Linux and Mac OS X. It can be tried only in single player, is on the portal Steam gaming which cost 10 euros and was released on April 1, 2014.

Goat Simulator game looks very good with skateboarding, but the player controls a goat that has to do as much damage possible to the city in an open world map. The game was originally a joke about other games and has become extremely popular on the Internet, then being built for everyone to enjoy it.

Game play


Goat gaming simulator shows a third person perspective where the player controls a goat and is free to explore the world without any limit, disposing of urban and sub-urban environments. Goat can walk, jump, bump into things it can destroy them and can lick objects, goat tongue action attaches the goat tongue to the subject touched and let the player to pull that object until it separates the goat tongue of that object.

At any time he wants, the player can put his goat in ragdoll mode, which is extremely fun and allows physics of game to do everything it wants with the goat. Another control system allows the player to run the game in slow motion.

Among the elements of the environment that the player can manipulate through the goat is like jumping on the trampoline stunts, release the goat in the air by using fans found in certain locations. Goat Simulator game shows a ranking system similar to skateboarding game like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and where certain tricks and special offers to the player points, and if it makes chain special moves will get a multiplied score.

There are various activities and missions that can be accomplished in the game as reaching a certain height, filling tricks or destroying certain objects. The player doesn’t really have to consider these objectives, he can do whatever he desire to have fun.

In the game world of Goat Simulator are  small goat statues hidden that the player can find, and getting them allows the player to restart his adventure with various modifications as demonic appearance or a giraffe or an ostrich. In addition, if the right statue, the player is able to offer its goat a jetpack that can be activated anytime. There are several new elements including a castle game where the player becomes the king of the goats or a place where goats are moving as fast as Sonic hamster.


The producers intend to release and expansion by mid-May through Steam gaming portal to show that players will not get bored and things can be improved. In addition, they plan to introduce new models of goats, new maps to explore and a local multiplayer mode with up to four players via split screen technology. In addition new controllers will be available that will allow the player to do different tricks complicated as the skateboarding games. Multiplayer mode allows gamers and modders to develop new modules for different games that others can try.

Goat Game Simulator has positive and mixed reviews on different networks of promotions, getting 62 points on Metacritic and 7 points on Eurogamer. Critics of the profession say that the game offers quite content to satisfy a large number and different of clients who want to have fun.

The title game is considered a good joke and interactive that takes into account many physical problems the players are facing in open world games. It is a diversion in which the player is a voluntarily participant who enjoy fun, inventive goat he runs and the most interesting world where everything is possible!

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