Apartment Rentals for Cannabis Cup Are the Way to Go


Amsterdam Cannabis cupEvery November, High Times hosts the annual Cannabis Cup with marijuana and hash experts from around the world descending on Amsterdam to celebrate the best of counterculture. This year’s event takes place during Thanksgiving week in Amsterdam and passes to the Cup are already available online.

Amsterdam is an exciting, vibrant city and if you decide to attend the Cannabis Cup this year, you need to make the most of your time here. That’s why renting an apartment for the event may make the difference between having a good trip and having a great one. An apartment rental is superior to a hotel room in every way.

The Cannabis Cup is a weeklong affair filled with tons of exciting events for everyone. There are free samples available, exciting musical acts, and the chance to meet other cannabis fans from across the world. Amsterdam is the headquarters of cannabis culture and every fan should head to the city at least once.


There are apartments available for rent throughout the city of Amsterdam, so depending on your goals for your time at the Cup, there is an apartment in a locale to fit your needs. Check www.getreadyamsterdam.com

Hotels might be convenient for a day or two to stay in but if you want to truly relax and experience all that the Cannabis Cup has to offer, you are definitely going to need the comfort and space of your own rental apartment. Many of these apartments available for rent have several bedrooms so you can bring a lot of people to stay with you. That will definitely help you keep costs down and save you money.

Who wants to spend money on an expensive hotel room when you can save it for the Cannabis Cup and get a chance to experience all that it has to offer. There’s always room for parties and social gatherings in a nice rental apartment. You can’t get that kind of space and comfort in a hotel room and you will definitely not get the same level of privacy.

Amsterdam short stay rentals combine the best of both worlds. You can get the space of your dreams and truly feel as if you are in your own home. Many of these apartments have the same level of comfort that hotels provide. They come with fresh linens and towels and supplies. Many offer cable television and WIFI internet access so you stay plugged in to all the events happening around town.


They have kitchens that you can stock up with the best food in Amsterdam. Many of the events around Cannabis Cup are happening near Central Station, in Amsterdam. You can definitely find an affordable, convenient apartment in that location. There’s an apartment available in most any neighborhood in town and you can enjoy the beautiful views of the city from your balcony at night, after spending a fun-filled day at the Cannabis Cup.

Cannabus Cup is a high class event and an international affair. You definitely do not want to miss it. Book your Amsterdam rental apartment today.

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