Why invest in industrial properties in Romania?


Why invest in industrial properties in Romania?Despite the fact that an investment in industrial property may not be so glamourous and involves certain risks, speaking of  the present situation, the first moths of the year brought up good signs for the industrial market.

There is a growing demand for industrial property as construction costs are low, this being a pretty strong argument  for investors to rely on industrial development in this period.

Researchers on the market of industrial property for sale in Romania may find out that the industrial segment of the real estate market is considered to experience the highest growth potential in the next two to three years. [adsenseyu1]

One of the most important advantages that our country has and which justifies the potential development of industrial areas is the fact that Romania is, in size, the second consumer market in Europe. Consequently,this represents a motivation for the amount of goods sold in the country and thus the volumes of storage required for their distribution.

Perhaps the most important thing is to create or buy industrial property in key locations, currently, the stock of industrial space, class A ,in Romania does not exceed one million square meters, as the demand for modern facilities in key locations is increasing. And of course there are such locations among which the best should be: Turda, due to completion of the Transylvania highway segment; the future river ports, due to the necessity of intensifying the transport on the Danube, which leading to cost efficiency; Craiova, Pitesti and other cities because of the Ford, Renault Groups investments etc.; the sea port of Constanta, due to the new relations with the port of Rotterdam, whose capacity is exceeded and requires transfer to the one of Constanta and last but not least our capital city Bucharest.

Another reason for which developers are currently attracted by investments in the industrial sector is the tendency towards a demand for small industrial properties, with areas ranging between 1,000 and 3,000 square meters. This trend has emerged due to changes in the market starting with the economic recession,a reason for many distribution companies and logistics operators to restrict their activity.


The first quarter of the year brought transactions of industrial space of 30,000 square meters, three times more than the volume of transactions recorded in the same period last year, according to a recent analysis and studies of real estate.

The largest share in the transactions market , of 70% had distribution spaces, while transactions involving production facilities had a 30% share. Regarding industrial rents in Bucharest in the first quarter, they dropped to 4.15 euro / sqm, down to 2.35% /sqm as compared to the previous quarter and over 11.70% as the same period last year.

Taking all this into account plus a thoroughly market research and information anyone may find our country more than appealing when it comes to invest in industrial property, having unique facilities and still improving in many aspects, so if you decided, you will sure find the right offer among the many from http://businesses-properties.com/industrial-property-for-sale-in-romania/ .

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