Wooden houses specialize in Ecokit


Wooden houses specialize in EcokitFor those seeking an escape from concrete cities, for those who love nature and life in a healthy way, a wooden house is the solution.

A house made of wood is a real estate investment because nowadays technologies, associated with wood attributes, allow structures to last for centuries without having any problem in terms of time or weather.

And aesthetically speaking, wood inner frame gives a warm, familiar and relaxing atmosphere, while the exterior building is distinguished by the near embodiment of style and architectural environment.

Globally, in recent decades, brick and concrete began to lose ground to solid wood houses. For example, the homes built bu Ecokit are made of wooden structures. With thermo insulated facade with anti fireproof sheet and treated against pests, houses with wooden structure are among the world’s ecological houses.


“Le produits d’Ecokit France” are among the most demanded products in the last real estate trade fairs. The request of this kind of houses grew and it finds a greater demand for such products in rural areas where houses are built with “air of mountain villas “. Despite misconceptions, the main qualities of the wood remain elasticity and durability. There is also a preconceived opinion that things done faster are not sustainable. Well, houses made of wooden structure shows that “fast” and “sustainable” is a real concept.

The question of the last decade appeared with the market penetration of wooden houses, known as “American” or “Canadian” homes: “should I build a house made of wood or brick?” Opinions are divided, each option has advantages and disadvantages and each builder or home buyer should take into account the particularities of the land and the costs that can afford them.

Advantages of wooden houses:
•    are cheaper by 30-40 % than those of brick, because the materials used for the construction are cheaper. If you want to convince yourself, go to http://ecokitfrance.com/produits/ and consult our specialist;
•    runs fast – in a month to three months;
•    flexible and light and not dangerous in an earthquake;
•    good thermal insulation, in the summer being cooler and warmer in the winter, heat losses were calculated by experts as being 30-40 % lower than brick houses. Nordic people prefer this technology, demonstrating that they are effective in battling freezing temperatures;
•    the interior can be easily divided or modified; being lightweight case does not require too many pillars, which makes the interior space to be easily modeled;
•    not demanding in terms of the type of land that can be placed, the light wooden houses can be built on poor or sandy land. Plants can be hidden in the walls;
•    the walls are prefabricated wooden houses that were built by type projects


Finally, foreigners say that wooden houses are healthier. An ecological house conserve or store more resources than you consume, which is then reused in the environment. Wood is natural and environmentally and that is why it is chosen by many people. In a brick house may appear damp or condensation. It is said that a wooden house “breathes” and does not suffer from the vapors.

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